Small Flash: Using Off Camera Flash to Create a Sunset

Step 3

Using Off Camera Flash to Create a SunsetOkay, now you have the scene warmed up and ready to go. You also re-created the sun with a single flash and a piece of transparent, orange plastic. Now it’s time to fly the “sun” up and into the image to give it some context. Placement is key to transforming what would normally be just a warm rim light into an impressive flare-generating light source, à la the sun. First, you need to zoom the flash head all the way out to its widest setting. In most cases, this will be 24mm—you’ll want that light flying everywhere.

Next, mount the flash onto a stand—the taller the better—and raise it up over your subject, then set it back behind her. To get maximum results, the flash should be above the subject and just high enough to be outsideof the frame when looking through your viewfinder. 

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