Portrait Lighting: Subtract It

Portrait Lighting: Final Tips

Portrait LightingTry to have your subject avoid wearing busy or large-patterned clothing, or “bad” colors such as bright yellow, lime, or orange. Use a long lens with wide-open aperture to blur the background, and make sure no tree branches are “growing” out of your subject’s head. Also, avoid shooting too high and into the grass or tree trunk, as tree branches will look more pleasant, especially when backlit. Use a tripod: It allows you to frame the subject and compose your photograph, and then you’re free to go up to your subject and fix the little details without having to recompose your camera. 


We hope you liked this post on Portrait Lighting. For more portrait photography, come inside for this course on Accelerate Corporate Portraiture.  Want to go in a different direction? Try this video tutorial on Controlling 3D lighting in Photoshop on PlanetPhotoshop.


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