Some Options

Without the diffuser in place, the V-flat is a great big reflector or flag you might use in various studio setups. While it’s very lightweight and rigid, unless you have a large vehicle, it isn’t especially portable. Additionally, because it’s so incredibly lightweight, even the slightest breeze will take this thing for a ride and probably break it in the process, so plan on indoor use only.

Because the back is a thin plastic sheet, you could buy some matte black (plastic-compatible) spray paint and paint that entire surface so you have a black and silver V-flat for better flagging versatility in your studio. Finally, if you can get a very large sheet of diffusion material (even longer than the shower curtain I used), it’s possible to create a high-key, backlit, seamless backdrop. Be creative and see what variations you can come up with for this versatile V-flat reflector/high-key backdrop combination.


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