On Location: Create a Vintage Surfer Portrait on the Beach

Step Six

Vintage Surfer PortraitI could tell Stray was ready to hit the beach at this point. The shot had come together nicely, and we were able to pull it off in an hour from start to finish. Taking longer would produce fewer keepers since my time with my subject was up. Stray had been very patient. I noticed my flash reflecting in Stray’s glasses and thought about asking him to take them off. But I loved the cool surfer vibe from his glasses. I could have also had Stray angle his head away from the light to eliminate the reflection, but I thought it was more important he looked relaxed and not in an awkward position. For the final image, I eliminated the glare on the glasses in Photoshop, and used Topaz Adjust to add a vintage grainy look. Cool, Man! Don’t worry, be happy! 


If you are in an island mood after reading this tutorial, come and browse through some more images of surfers over on 500px. When you are ready to get back to work, Corey Barker has this fun tutorial for creating a vintage look in Illustrator. Pop over to Layers and check out his video tutorial.


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