Lighting for Weddings: Down & Dirty Glamour Light


It’s the end of the night, there was no time, their wedding was in a boxing gym, and I didn’t have any photos of them outside this awesome façade. This shot used a video light to fill in the shadows, and ambient light from behind the couple. No tripod, but I was sitting on the ground bracing myself as best I could and instructing them to hold as still as possible

Glamour Light for Weddings, Jason Groupp


Last but not least, the exit with sparklers! We could just shoot it with on-camera flash, but that’s no fun! I gave an LP160 to my VAL, who ran behind them. It was set to 1/64 power 7′ behind the couple, and I used my on-camera flash with a small Sto-Fen mounted on top. 



Jason was the special guest on Scott’s blog. Did you miss that post? Go give it a read, here’s the link! Now if you have your fun wedding shots, and want to add some drama with a black and white image, Matt Kloskowski has a preset for you. Jump to that article right here.


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