High-Speed Flash for Dynamic Photos | Tutorial

Step Six

High-Speed Flash Photography. Lyons, CO. Kayaking on the St. Vrain river.After many images and hours in the water, I finally got a handful of shots I liked. This image was taken at 1/6400, f/5.6, and ISO 200. Both flash duration and the shutterspeed freeze the action. The cross lighting adds drama and tension to the image. The housing kept my camera system dry and triggered my Rangers from underwater. And the perspective puts the viewer in the river with the kayaker. Right after this image was taken, I got swept away by the current into the rapid. No one ever said photographing adventure sports wasn’t an adventure itself. 


Tom Bol is always up for an adventure. You can see more of him here on KelbyOne, but if you need more on a  day-to-day basis then check out his blog and follow along or find a workshop to attend.  If you are interested in sports and adventure photography and want to learn if your shots have what it takes to be -Great- then come on over to this KelbyOne course where Peter Read Miller sits down and talks to Scott Kelby about What Makes a Great Sports Photo.


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