mimobotsMimobots Rule!
OK.. so this was one of those sleeper hits of the Photoshop World Conference. Our Social Media Ninja Nancy Masse and I had been talking about the fact that she and I are both fans of this character called Domokun (I know.. it’s a bit nerdy). Lo and behold, a company called Mimobot makes cool designer Flash drives with characters on them, and Domokun was one of them!! I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then we were at the conference they were there and I was happy that they were.. what cool stuff! Make sure you check out their website to see what other characters they have. I STILL didn’t get a chance to get my 8GB Domokun, but I will.. I will..

Cool New Tutorials
So here are today’s cool new tutorials – fresh for your review:
Using GREP Styles in InDesignby AJ Wood
Photoshop Image to Web using Fireworks CS4 by Tom Green

ziserDavid Ziser’s Machine
Yesterday, I got to go see David Ziser’s workshop “Digital Wakeup Call – A New Dawn” in Tampa and let me tell you, watching David is intense. The conference was standing room only, everyone was sitting on the edge of the seat while David just HAMMERED them with information. I swear, the man’s a human dynamo. He’s definitely one of those guys that goes at a brisk pace, but you really need to experience it. As Scott said not too long ago “It’s like hes just walking around putting money in your pocket.” I know I left with a bunch of new ideas I want to try my hand at. Personally, I think the tour should be called “A New LaDawn” She really is one of his best secret weapons out there. The seminar was Just amazing.. cheap too. 59-79 bucks to hear all of that.. just intense.

Click on this link to see the next series of dates. If he’s anywhere near you – go!. If you do, go say hello to LaDawn and tell her RC sent ya.

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  1. Nancy (Reply) on Thursday April 2, 2009

    Mimobots totally RULE! I got the 8GB Domo (neener!)
    ((Smacks forehead)) I should’ve bought he NINJA Domo! ;D

    The coolest/funniest part is the sound effects they make when you plug em in/eject them!

    Hey! BTW – If any of you are NAPP members, we just set up a great discount w/mimobots. All NAPP members get 15% off! Go to the NAPP discount page for details! =)

  2. dave (Reply) on Thursday April 2, 2009

    I bought two of them at the expo center. Its the new gotta have it gadget for the tech geeks. Buy the way did anyone catch the yellow sunflowers in Nancy’s hair at the expo?


  3. Holly (Reply) on Thursday April 2, 2009

    i LOVE the Mimobots! How is it I did not know of them until today! My world is truly brighter now. THEY’RE SO FREAKIN CUTE!

  4. Issac (Reply) on Thursday April 2, 2009

    That’s a great shot! And yup, those things totally rule [fishes around in pocket to show off his Flippy Gory]. Yeah, the sound effects rock, and you get a bunch of cool content too, like backgrounds, icons, mine even has a bunch of Happy Tree Friends episodes on it–too cool.

    Ziser’s courses totally rock! I caught one a couple weeks ago at Photoshop World Boston–the man speaks wisdom to power.


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