There is certainly going to be a bit of excitement with this contest- let me tell you! Canon and Vimeo have teamed up with Los Angeles and New York based commercial director, DP and photographer Vincent Laforet to produce a contest called “The Story Beyond the Still” and I absolutely love this idea!

Simple concept – Vincent was given an image, and using a Canon 7D he was tasked to make a 3min prologue video for a short movie called “The Cabbie”. The end of his video ends with a picture. That’s where you come in. You take the picture and include it for a few seconds, then you do an interpretation of that picture, picking up where Vincent left off – for no more than four minutes. The end of the movie should be a picture of -your’s-.

The contest will be done in rounds. When the winner of the round is decided, everyone will be shown the winner, and the process starts again for the new movie. I can see the creative juices just going into overdrive on this as it requires photographic and motion point’s of view. Absolutely brilliant!

To get more details on the contest and it’s prizes go to Vincent’s blog. Good luck to all of you!

Designing a Layers Tshirt in Photoshop – Matt Kloskowski
Today, Matt also Uses Photoshop to put artwork onto a tee shirt, in only a way Matt can. Check out the tutorial below:

That’s it for me guys… thanks so much for stopping in! We’ll see you guys on Monday!

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