Solving Photoshop Re-Registration Problem

Here’s something more #Photoshop users are seeing. You signed up for the Creative Cloud with #Adobe . You start Photoshop and it says “Hey, you’re back at the trial membership” – What gives!?!?!?
Dont worry.. its a 2 second fix. Tell your friends.

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  1. jude (Reply) on Monday January 28, 2013

    For the record, I had the same thing happen to me and I never signed up for a trial of the Creative Cloud.

    I am a registered user of CS6 Master Collection and have been since it was released. Last week, I started getting popups about my CS6 Trial membership had ended after I started Photoshop, Dreamweaver and AI. After the initial panic subsided, I re-entered the serial # the next time I started Photoshop. I haven’t had the problem since. Until this post by RC, I saw nothing on the web about this problem.

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