When doing portrait work, the eyes of your subject are the most important points of the image. In this tutorial, photographer Chris Alvanas takes us through the process of retouching an eye to remove a catch light, do some recoloring, get rid of red streaks and more.

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  1. Rich Lemmon (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Thanks Chris. I love your attention to detail. Too many tutorials have everything look like a mannequin by the end. You take the time and infuse the flexibility to dial things back and make features as realistic as possible.

  2. Lawrence Standifer Stevens (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Get a new mike! Or learn how to use the one you’ve got. Popping is one of the most irritating mistakes you can make while using a microphone and the easiest to correct.

  3. Ruediger Fischer (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008


  4. Pam Borrelli (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Loved all of the details – very informative – layers and masks rule! But I guess you still have to match the other eye with this one……..

  5. The Bear (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    did someone complain about the mic usage? Give me a break, this tutorial was fantastic. That idiot was looking for something to point out to look smart. Nice job, Chris … I have been trying to figure out a good catch-light solution for a while. When I pull old negatives shot by past photographers, I am often left with two GIANT catch lights (left by poor umbrella lighting) in each eye. I look forward to using this technique in the near future.

  6. Sami B. (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    wonderful techniques; enjoy your teaching and excellent skills; I am learning a lot from you. Keep up the good work and teach us more
    Thanks Chris

  7. bob (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    well done thanks

  8. Chris (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    LOVE it … great job … thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to using this a lot!

  9. theartist (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    This is amazing :)

    I’ve seen a lot of tutorials and tricks to enhance the eye and this is one of the best and most practical methods I’ve come across. It can be used either dramatically or more subtly.

    Your versatility speaks a great deal of your craftsmanship.

  10. Veracious (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    thanks chris for this wonderful video i’ve got the problem actually, after selecting eye through quick mask ,instead of changing eye color whole picture’s color changing, can you give me an advice on that please

  11. puzzled (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Thank you for all the tips! I learned so many new things from this tutorial. Love the color dodge and burn curves layers idea!

  12. Marcel R. (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Very nice. Thx and greetings from germany.

  13. KiranChandra (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Thank you very much for this technique. Only few people share their skills. So nice of you. Thank you once again.

  14. Mark (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Very well done Chris! I have been through numerous tutorials on eyes, but none quite as comprehensive as yours, nor with as much attention to detail as yours.
    I only have a couple of questions:
    Once you have removed the catch light, do you bring back your own for believability?
    I also can not remember the step for toggling back and forth from the “Zoomed” view and the “Full” view in CS2, but that would be very helpful. Thanks Again!

  15. Kerri Kirshner (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Thank your for the ‘eyes’!

  16. sheerry (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    amazing job! i learned so much

  17. Naomi (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    When i am changing the colour balance of the eye, and use the selection of the iris and use the brush and the Q button to make the selection, when i make the colour change its changing to whole photo colours not the selection why is this?

  18. maher (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    thank you …great job…go head

  19. Christiane Berthiaume (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    excellent, thank you very much,best tutorial on the subjet so far. I have learn a lot.

  20. Geo (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Great tutorial so many helpful, Please teach us more.

  21. LigthingFreaky (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    The tutorial is great, I use the GIMP though, but it also works for it as well.

    Thanks for sharing

  22. amada (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    por favor los que no sabemos ingles, necesitamos tutoriales en español

  23. Scarlet (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Thanks Chris! I learned SO much from this!!! I had been struggling and getting frustrated until I viewed this tutorial. I had a few confused moments, but no real problems following your instructions. I’m quite pleased with the final result. Thanks again! You rock! :)

  24. raul (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    as the name of the program?

  25. Ira (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Wow, that’s one of the best PS tutorials I’ve seen. Thank you very much!

  26. Gece (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Lawrence Standifer Stevens maybe you should learn to pick up a dic-tion-ary and look up the would mike or did you mean MIC as in mic-ro-phone. I dislike people who specifically look for ways to just be negative. That’s just plain senseless. The tutorial in my opinion (as everyone is entitle to) was excellent.

  27. pennywishes (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Yes one of the best tutorials EVER! And, I can’t believe someone could say something so nasty about the microphone. I used your technique and it was definitely pro! Thank You! I also use the screen mode for the whites of the eyes……..open curves, choose screen mode,invert layer mask, paint with white brush over the whites of the eyes, and then adjust with the opaque slider!!!!!

  28. Jeff Palmer (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    What is the resolution of the picture? I’ve got a picture I’m working with that was taken on a 5mp but it’s pixelating at about 1000%

  29. Jessica (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    Same with me Naomi, the whole picture is changing color balance, not just the selection. :/

  30. SHELL (Reply) on Wednesday July 2, 2008

    I loved it….THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

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