In this tutorial series, photographer Chris Alvanas is going through some of the new features of Photoshop CS4. In this video, Chris walks us through the new zoom levels, the live preview ability of the healing brush, and the new rotate view options.

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  1. Thorsten Moore (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Please speak & act faster the next time. Its very boring to listen to this video, because we are not at the age of children…

    (Just my 2 cents)

  2. Michael Downey (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    But some of us are just learning. I for one appreciate the video as is.

  3. Loren (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    I am trying to learn the new features of CS4 photoshop. This was a nice job. Slow and steady. Photoshop can get horribly complex. This was just perfect for me. Thank you.

  4. tom (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    wow I see you guys censor feedback instead of answering feedback

  5. Robert T. (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Anyone here experienced SLOW BRUSH FEEDBACK in PS CS4? (e.g. standard airbrush, 200 pixels diam.) At least much slower than CS3 :( I guess that’s the main problem in this release. Otherwise it’s a very nice and stable piece of software (although I’m mad because OpenGL acceleration doesn’t work, and I have qx9650, 4gbram, 8800 gts 512…)

  6. Student (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    is it working or not?
    time waste

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