Photoshop instructor RC Concepcion takes viewers through some of the new features in Photoshop CS4, including smooth zooming, pixel grid, toss physics, and the rotate view tool.

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  1. Denis (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Nice one, I like the toss physics, it’s got a Vista feel to it, Bill Gates must have had a hand in this !!
    DENIS ..

  2. john (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Looking forward to CS4 and trying the new tools

  3. mark (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Like the pixel grid, like the zoom percentage feature (at last!), but the rest? OK, they look cool, but not much use to me!

  4. Doris Ford (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Wish it didn’t cost so much just to upgrade! I have CS3 on a MAC and a PC!

  5. Brent (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    The revolve feature is killer.

  6. Nancy Lamb (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Doris, I need to upgrade on my PC, but just bought a MacBook, so need a full version! YIKES is all i can say.

  7. JP (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Looks great, but I just bought CS3 last December. I need it to earn it’s keep before I go and throw around that kind of money in this economy. I hope NAPP doesn’t abandon the learning tutorials they created for CS3.

  8. Miguel Dominguez (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    These new improvements are not enough to make me upgrade from CS3 just yet, not if Adobe is going to charge me close to $1,000 for it.

  9. Neil (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Love the new features in Photoshop esp rotate canvas can’t wait to get it.

  10. Terri (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Nancy, if you are willing to sign a statement for Adobe that you will destroy your previous version and that you are switching operating systems, they will send you the full CS4 version for your MAC, but for the upgrade price.

  11. Joyce (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    i can’t see upgrading if these are the best/most visible features. just not enough to justify the cost right now.

  12. Allan Wood (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    If you are going to go for a cross-platform swap, my experience is that Adobe will hang you out like a bug on a rope for weeks. Even with all my serial numbers from CS3 and previous versions correct and accepted, and with a letter of destruction acknowledged by email, Adobe has so far taken 4 weeks to not get around to delivering. Six phone calls taking a combined 8 hours, and I still got the same questions and promises to expedite the process. That, and not being able to locate the LOD as previously acknowledged, plus only one email and no follow up contacts, leads me to give Adobe a zero for service. If I ever get it, I would imagine, based on experience with previous versions in the same platform, that the serial numbers will not work. More wasted time with ‘customer service’. Perhaps because they are essentially a monopoly, that is why dealing with Adobe is extremely frustrating. BE WARNED!

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  14. Lili (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    UUooouuu… it’s cooollll!!! The CS4 give us more liberty on the work area! I’s a great goodness from Adobe! HshuAHUhu.. ;o)

  15. Ben (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    As a digital painter I think that the canvas rotation will be invaluable in future work. The toss physics are a really cool idea, although it makes me wonder if it will just get annoying…a form over functionality issue which is a very mac-ish issue :P
    Looks great but CS3 still keeps me busy :)

  16. Ben (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Yeah, it’s all “really cool”, but does any of it really have anything to do with design or photo manipulation? There’s nothing new here at all. Just more processor-intensive animation, which means Photoshop will run much slower for the vast majority of its users. An animated zoom? Come on… how does that improve my workflow or for that matter, the quality of my work? Disappointed.

  17. Diane (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Oh that comment about their customer services just makes me so sad!!!!!!! I just went thru this on Monday of this week – they said they would ship the new Mac platform on Friday – oh i think I am going to make some calls – oh and pull my hair out!

  18. Waldyr (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    My cross platform upgrade went smooth. i got mine within one week of completing the process. i guess I got a good support rep. It was so fast, that I didn’t know why I was receiving a package from Adobe. It beats buying a full version any day.

  19. ihateadobecustomerservice (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    took me about 20 hours with customer service, 4 emails, 6 faxes. My advice, if you dont get the runaround, insist on a supervisor and point out in this economy they should be helping close a deal not prevent one. (assuming you’ve signed and sent the LOD)

  20. Archie Lukas (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    “Toss Physics”

    This has an undue double-meaning in the Queens English (Britain) that you probably don’t want to use!!!

    eg in the same way the titles other meaning for Free “Willy Film” enraged Warners Brothers chief exec.

    Ok – I’ll expalin by popular demand….
    1) it means masterbation
    2) Free penis

    Warned you.

  21. RC (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Lol.. Yeah Archie. I bet Adobe’s rolling their eyes after coining this one. I could just imagine what the marketing meeting in the UK went like.

    I always chuckle on the inside when I talk about it.

    Thanks for that!


  22. Song In A (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Looks great!
    I love Ps CS4~ thanks

  23. Martin (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    How can I remove the annoying pixel grid? Please help.

  24. Joe (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Corel PhotoPaint and Painter had these features and about 200 hundread more about ten years ago. This is ridiculous.

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  26. gyms york pa (Reply) on Wednesday September 24, 2008

    Meh. Not bad.

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