A Retro Look with Illustrator

This tutorial on creating a retro look is a great example of how Illustrator handles transparency in your Photoshop images and text objects.

Mastering Text Threading in InDesign

So, I figured I would get everyone up to speed on text threading, including taking it from a master page perspective, plus a few tips for speeding up your editing and proofing workflows.

Maintaining A Creative Edge

We hope their advice leads you to finish that one project that you’re currently stuck on.

Design Makeover: Electric Signs

What Gardner would like a new logo and website to communicate is that Gardner Sign does high-quality work using the latest technology.

Sustainability in the Design Process

As designers reassess our roles, many are endeavoring to invoke consciousness around sustainability at every step in the design process.

Retro Poster Background in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a cool-looking retro background for a poster. And thanks to layer styles, smart objects, and smart filters, our design will be completely editable.

Photoshop Turns 20

If you think about it, no other application has infiltrated and impacted our culture quite like Photoshop. For example, it’s one of two programs (Google is the other) whose name has become a verb.

Artistic Expressions: Mapping Textures

In this tutorial, you’ll see how Illustrator handles shape creation as well as texture mapping.

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