Faster Rendering in After Effects

Franklin McMahon shares some hints for flight check and tips for increasing the rendering speed.

Perfectly Cropped Mailer in InDesign

Jeff Witchel uses InDesign to lay out a direct mailer with custom crops and folds for a coupon.

Customizing Premiere Pro

We all want to work better and faster. Learn how to customize your interaction with Premiere Pro using panels, workspaces, and keyboard shortcuts.

Digital Canvas: July/August 2009

Would you like to gain exposure by having your work featured in an international design magazine?? Of course you would!

Spyder3Studio SRd

One of the primary frustrations of many professional photographers, designers, and illustrators in the digital realm seems to be color consistency. While there are quite a few software and hardware calibration tools available today, coordinating all of your hardware so that they’re all on the same page can seem like a shot in the dark.

Portraiture 2 for Lightroom

Imagenomic added Lightroom support to its portrait-retouching plug-in, appropriately called Portraiture.

Deconstructing a One Shot HDR Image

RC breaks down the one-shot HDR image that has inspired the one-shot HDR contest featured on his blog

InDesign Front and Back Pages Face to Face

Jeff Witchel explains a work around for situations where the front and back page of your document need to bleed across into one another.

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