Farmville Type Effect with Adobe Illustrator

Recreate the type effect from a popular online game. Matt chose to use Adobe Illustrator because of its options for outlining text.

Logic Studio

When it comes to music-creation software, I’d consider myself amateur to semi-pro, and I believe it’s folks like me that Apple had in mind with the latest update of Logic Pro, now called Logic Studio.

Designer Spotlight: Clare Nicholas

Clare has used her printmaking skills in conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator to create fantastic, unique pieces of art that retain the feel of handcrafted images.

Squeeze 6

This outstanding video-compression software takes encoding video to an entirely new level of performance, communication, and integration with editing applications.

Capture from Web with Acrobat Pro

Dave Cross has a quick tip for using Acrobat Pro to easily transform a webpage into a PDF.

Image Sequences in Photoshop

In this article, we’ll explore how you can use the auto-align layers and auto-blend layers in Photoshop for assembling a sequence of different photos into a single multi-image composite.

Full Browser Flash

Every now and again you come across a website built in Flash that fills the entire browser window and dynamically repositions its elements when the browser is resized. In this tutorial you’ll learn the basic techniques needed to create a full browser Flash website.

Span Columns in InDesign

InDesign CS5 includes a great new feature for making your text span multiple columns. Jeff Witchel shows viewers how this feature works in InDesign CS5 and shows how to use a work around to get the same results in CS4.

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