Saving Files Between Lightroom and Photoshop

Lightroom’s Photoshop integration still works just fine. Its just something to be aware of (if you happen to be doing something similar to what we were doing) in case it happens to you.

Ask Dave Podcast: Automate Changes to Multiple Files in Photoshop

In this video, Dave goes over how to turn a bunch of TIFF files into jepgs – automatically.

Sharpening Workflow in Lightroom

We have sharpening sliders in the Detail panel in Lightroom and we also have sharpening controls when it comes to printing and even more sharpening in Photoshop. Which ones are you supposed to use and in what order? That’s what I’ll cover in this video.

Retro Surf Logo Design in Photoshop

Use a series of selections, gradients and colors to create this surf-inspired design with a retro theme.

Ask Dave Podcast: Delete Part of a Layer Style in Photoshop

This video covers how to delete part of a layer style.

Adobe Workflow Lab to Fireworks, Part 4

This is the final video in this four-part series which begins with an in-flight entertainment device, and moves into the new Workflow Lab app from Adobe and eventually into Fireworks to create a Rich Media Application.

PreFlight Tips for Premiere Pro CS5

Franklin McMahon goes over some preflight tips for your Premiere projects, including backing up, trimming out unneeded material, sending screenshots, normalizing audio and ftp upload.

Painted Type in Illustrator

Applying a combination of effects and strokes to produce creative type treatments while keeping the type editable in Adobe Illustrator.

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