#1-Rated Font Manager Provides New Features, Interface Enhancements and Major Performance Increases

(The New York Times)  Google, the search-engine giant, is expected on Tuesday to disclose that

Company also cuts price on iPod shuffle, says it will sell Showtime television programs on iTunes. (CNNMoney.com)

Use this little trick to make Free Transforming faster and easier. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day17.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’); Download here

Snap is an easy to use interactive image cutout tool. Image cutout is the process of removing or

Vertus has today announced the launch of the Windows version of its ground-breaking Photoshop plug-in tool, Fluid Mask,

Innovative New Software Simplifies the Creation of High-Quality PDF Documents Using XML Technologies Apago Inc.,

Learn how to get more Undo’s in Photoshop by changing Preferences. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day16.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’); Download here

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