Leave your lab coat behind…

(ZDNet)  SAN FRANCISCO–Addressing a packed crowd of the Mac faithful, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs on Tuesday served

(PC Word)  Microsoft Corp.’s Windows image rendering nightmare just won’t go away. Just days after

Investment Focuses on Enhancing User Experience for Site’s Community of Designers and Photographers MACWORLD EXPO

Suitcase Fusion combines the power of Suitcase and Font Reserve to deliver industrial-strength font management for Mac OS

Professional Photographers Instrumental in Developing New Modular Software to Import, Manage, Develop, and Showcase Images

(informit.com)  In 2005, Kevin Lynch, chief software architect for Macromedia, wrote a white paper (available on Macromedia’s Web

(ABC News) With identification badges tethered to their necks, and color-coded booth maps clutched in their hands, attendees

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