Displacement Maps for Graphics in Photoshop CS4

In this tutorial we will use the displace filter in Photoshop to “map” an imported graphic so it follows the contours of an object in a photo.

Get your edges flush and correct with this option. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day512.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’);

SEO Tips for CS4 Applications, Part 3

Here is a suggested workflow for designing a website in Illustrator and Photoshop, slicing it up with the slice tool, and then taking it into Dreamweaver.

Bring the color back into you sky using this technique. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day511.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’);

Turn Your InDesign Documents into Interactive Flash Content

There are two ways to turn your InDesign document into Flash content. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Get in close on your image in a hurry. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day510.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’);

Creating a 3D Playing Card in Photoshop CS4

Using Photoshop CS4 3D tools to create a 3D playing card.

How to move just the selection area you want. createObject(‘swf’,’/design/players/swfplayer.swf?video=videos/day509.flv’,’width’,’500′,’height’,’415′,’scale’,’exactfit’,’quality’,’high’,’allowScriptAccess’,’sameDomain’,’bgcolor’,’#ffffff’);

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