Swirly Border Design in Illustrator CS4

These swirlys and flourishes have become quite popular lately and you’ve probably seen different ways of creating them.

Use guides to layout your design elements.

Artistic Expression: Where There’s Light…

Explore how layer styles can help create the effects produced by a light source that interacts with objects in a scene.

Introducing Adobe Configurator for Photoshop CS4

Download and learn how to use the Adobe Configurator to control the placement of your tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Live Color in Adobe Illustrator

Experimenting with the Live Color options in Illustrator to add new life to a complex piece of artwork.

Use guides to layout your design elements.

Conditional Text and InDesign CS4

What if you want to show and hide individual words or paragraphs and have the text automatically rewrap when you show or hide those words?

Use guides to layout your design elements.

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