Add Depth and Dimension in Dreamweaver CS4

In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few examples of how you can use backgrounds with CSS to add depth and dimension to your pages. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4

Audio Visualization in After Effects

Using Adobe After Effects to create graphic visualization of an audio track.

Casting Headshot Portrait

Photographer Jean Francois O’Kane is in his studio showing you how to set up and shoot a headshot, the standard portrait used by casting agents.

Bring Your Podcast to Life

A video podcast is a TV show that’s delivered via the Internet. Shows are usually targeted to special interest groups and cover niche subject matters.

Realistic Coffee Stain Design Using Illustrator and Photoshop

Use one of Illustrator’s symbols and then add some layer styles in Photoshop to create a realistic coffee stain logo.

Spatial Controls in Premiere Pro

Punch up your video clips and get your video moving with spatial controls and motion effects.

Striping Live Type in Adobe Illustrator

Adding graphic styles to your text while keeping the type editable.

Flash Audio Visualization and Masks

Tom Green shows how to use the audio visualization created in part one and apply it to a piece of video as a layer mask.

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