Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools, Part 2

In the second part of this tutorial, Jeff Witchel continues with some tips on organizing and navigating Illustrator’s drawing tools.

Art of Type: Getting Centered

If it doesn’t look right, it’s not right—even if your accurate-to-a-micron program says so.

Lightroom 2 Adjustment Brush

RC goes over the process of using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom for underexposing an image.

SEO Tips for CS4 Applications, Part 4

Geoff Blake discusses image replacement techniques to optimize your web site images using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Create a Simple Inverse Kinematics Animation with Flash CS4

One of the most anticipated new features of Flash CS4 is the new built-in support for IK animation as well as the ability to control these animations at runtime using ActionScript.

Multitrack Editing in Soundbooth CS4

I was thrilled when I found out that Soundbooth CS4 supported multitrack projects. And I was even more thrilled when I discovered how easy they were to set up.

ProScale ID

The purpose of ProScale ID, a plug-in for InDesign CS–CS4, is that it lets you resize a multipage document with control over what gets scaled, and how.

Portraiture 2

With Imagenomic Portraiture 2, there’s a balance of smoothness and color to the output. While it can do more than just correct images, it can be overkill if not used judiciously.

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