Hey everyone. I am en route to teach my CS4 Unleased Tour in St. Louis, MO on Wednesday after hanging out for a couple of days over at PPE in New York (Scott has got a great review of his experience on his blog). Before I go, there are a couple of things I wanted to share with you guys.

Lightroom 3 Beta is Released
One of the big announcements that came out during the PPE was the annoucement of Lightroom 3. There are a couple of great features in this new release, but it is also important to note that this program is in fact a Beta – meaning that this should not replace your existing version of Lightroom 2 – just yet.

The best place for you to get the most recent information on the release is to visit our Lightroom 3 Learning Center. This will get you some FAQ stuff, videos, and other pertinent information for the Lightroom 3 Beta. Check it out!

Going Mobile with Bryan Fling
Getting started in mobile doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, using good Web principles and a modern device such as the iPhone is a perfect place to start. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to create a working iPhone app that can be deployed on lower-end devices and be distributed through mobile app stores.

Let me start by making a few assumptions about you, the reader. First, I’ll guess that you’ve had a mobile phone for a few years now—probably some sort of smartphone with a few advanced features, but really a phone with a few extra features bolted on. I’ll guess that you played around with some of the more advanced features, like the mobile Web browser or maybe you downloaded a game or two, but after the novelty wore off you never used those features again and your advanced (and expensive) piece of mobile technology reverted back to its primary purpose, being a telephone.

Click here to read the rest of the article

Contest Time
Go to the Contact page, select the Layers Blog drop-down, then fill in your name, email address and answer to this week’s following question. Remember, the contest will end Thursday 5PM,. and the winner will be announced Friday morning.

The Contest Question:
Who is the author of the Coloriage V.6.0 software review?

The Prize:
A copy of Corporate Photography with Joe McNally!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Make sure that you stop by the CS4 Unleased Tour and say hi if you are in Kansas City, MO on Friday!!

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