pengraphicYou know, with the short weekend last week, and everyone getting ready for the July 4 festivities, it totally slipped my mind to talk to you guys about the most recent episode of Layers TV! This episode was near and dear to me because it talked about one of the most often misunderstood tools in the Adobe Creative Suite – the Pen tool.

The Pen tool is a very polarizing tool – you either really love it, or really really really hate it. More often than not if you hate it, it’s usually because you started clicking and draggin willy nilly (I just love that saying) and didnt really ‘get’ what all of the lines that were coming up were. The Pen tool is one of those tools that you cant really just play with – to learn it and master it you really need to sit down and learn it within a specific context. On this week’s Layers TV I go through an example of how -i- use the pen tool, and if you can grasp the concept, you’d be surprised as to how much easier the Pen can be. Mastering the Pen can not only help you in Photoshop, but will take your Illustrator work to the next level – It’s in almost every Adobe app. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

Click on the player to the right to get to the episode. This is one that I -definitely- recommend watching the bigger version though. Want to keep it and share it with everyone? Well, you can always Subscribe in Itunes!

Corey Talks About The Adobe Exchange
In today’s video you’ll see Corey talking about Adobe Exchange. It still surprises me just how little people actually use the Adobe Exchange. This place has a TON of resources available to you.. and are all FOR FREE. I’d definitely check this out. Click on the link below to get to the tutorial:

Corey Barker – The Adobe Exchange

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  1. mike kots (Reply) on Tuesday July 7, 2009

    There is no link to this video/tutorial on this page at all?

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