joemusa_250Joe McNally on USA Today
Happy Wednesday everyone. I wanted to take a moment to send a quick congratulations to my friend Joe McNally. As you know, his Hotshoe Diaries book is out on the loose, and it is TEARING through the Amazon charts! At some points it’s been at number 8 in overall books, which is a great feat considering it a book on small Flash photography.

That being said, I was really pumped to see that this morning the USA Today article featured Joe and talked about the resurgence of small Flash, and how people like Joe are leading the charge. They also mentioned greats like Syl Arena and Dave Hobby (who I happen to think is such an awesome teacher, aside from being another light genius- he’s even got a post himself on USA Today). It’s funny. I get passionate talking about this kind of stuff because of the leaps and bounds programs like Photoshop have taken. I mean, FWIW, we’re in an era where so many digital artists sit with a mentality of “Don’t worry.. I’ll do it in Photoshop” or “Eh, I can just fix it in Photoshop” – and that’s totally cool. However – there is something to be said about the artistry of Photography and the mastering light. Here I am sitting in my office listening to “Forgot About Dre” by Eminem – thought the chorus was so appropriate:

“Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothin comes out when they move they lips
Just a buncha gibberish
And ******** act like they forgot about Dre”

(Dre. as in Dr. Dre a hip hop pioneer, and I don’t even listen to hip hop much).

So.. the message here – make sure you keep a really close eye on the people who are really masters in their craft – McCurry, McNally, Arena, Arias, Hobby. There is a TON that you can learn from them.. and pray that they don’t turn around and look at your work playground.. cause they’ll show up and take your lunch!! Congrats again!

hr_singlestackedReview of the Mercury Elite-AL Pro
Today we also have online a review of the Mercury Elite-AL Pro by w2222. Make sure you check it out below:

Did you invest in a new camera and now you tremble each time you take a shot, fearing you’ll lose more hard drive space? Do you find yourself with less and less room for Photoshop to use as a scratch disk? Do you just need a dependable backup solution? Have we found the drive for you.

Click on this link to read more of the Article

Photoshop World Feedback
Our Social Media Ninja, Nancy Masse has put up a post on the Photoshop World blog asking for feedback on the event as a whole. I would really ask that all of you go to the Photoshop World Blog and leave your comments on what worked, what didnt work, and what you would like to see more. If you didn’t attend the conference and watched it on the Social Media circles like my Twitter page, or NAPP News, we’d want to hear from you even more! Click on the Photoshop World Blog link to leave some feedback.

Thanks everyone. We’ll see you guys back here tomorrow morning!

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