HP All in One Workstation Announced: Z1

Hey everyone – RC here with some really cool news. I just got word that HP has just announced a new 27” workstation called the HP Z1. A lot of people have come to rely on workstations that pack great power, but a lot of the time it always seems like style has always taken a backseat to all of this. With this new Z1 – HP makes a very loud entrance into this space with an all in one machine that is powerful, completely upgradeable, and sexy in one spot.

A couple of the things that really stood out to me here:
The Z1 appears to be the first all in one that has a Quad Core Xeon Processor (Yum!)
The fact that you can open this machine up and replace components as you see fit.
Can load this machine up with SSD, USB, and other fast technologies for quick work.
THe 27” IPS monitor with a 178 degree viewing angle looks really promising as well.

Find out more about the HP All in One Z1 By clicking this link!

Rather than gush over the details here, I think it be cool to just show you guys a quick youtube video thats been shown for this. As we get more concrete information on this machine and have kicked some tires, you’ll know we will get that out to you. Right now, this machine just looks amazing. Have fun!

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