Capital Building in Austin Texas my shot of the Capitol building in Austin, Texas

I was excited to head out to Austin for two reasons initially: I would get a chance to hang out at the site of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue (personal music fave) and because I was teaching the Creative Suite Unleashed tour there. I had never been to Texas, so this was going to be my first time. Then it hit me all of a sudden.. Austin is also the home to one of the great artists of HDR out there, Trey Ratcliff: the blogger behind the Stuck In Customs website. Trey’s softspoken, measured, funny, and very passionate about the work that he does. We hung out over dinner and talked about everything from economics to impressionist painters – an amazing jump. His website is one of those that you just really need to check out – but en more recently he started a new venture called HDR Spotting. In short, the site is going to be an ‘eye candy’ wall of some of the best HDR photography on the web. It came as an idea to find one spot where some of the best images can be showcased to bring attention to amazing photographers and artists – which I thought was a great idea.

Click here to check out HDR Spotting.

After my meeting with him, I went out with two NAPP members, Christina and Dan. They took me out on 6th street, in the drizzle and clouds.. grumbling all the way to the Capitol building. The building is taller than the US Capitol. Despite it being foggy a bit, icky, and rainy, I pulled out my camera and tested the HDR waters for a shot of it. That’s the shot you see above. Now, there were a TON of other images that were taken, but those will be for another time.. and another story.. :)

DESIGN MAKEOVER: Play it Again – by Jake Widman


Client: Terry Shaw

Musician and music teacher Terry Shaw has an independent streak. “I like to do things myself if I think I can do them better,” he says. “I’d rather play solo than with lesser musicians.”

That’s why he plays all the instruments on his latest CD, Instrument of Choice. On his website, he describes the CD like this: “It’s plastic, round, 4¾” in diameter, silver on one side with pictures of me on the other.” Obviously, Shaw has a sense of humor; however, he also describes the songs this way: “They’re original compositions covering many styles—bluegrass, swing, waltz, gypsy jazz, Celtic, Latin, contra, and jazz. And if that isn’t enough, I even include my cat singing on his own track.”

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  1. Christian Flores (Reply) on Wednesday October 14, 2009

    Nice shot of the capitol. Great having you in Austin for the Unleashed tour. Hope to see you visit the Art Institute of Austin soon!

  2. John E Adams (Reply) on Wednesday October 14, 2009

    Lucky you! Beautiful work on this image. Found your Link via Treys post -;0)

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