Hey everyone! Things are full speed ahead in getting ready to head out to Photoshop World March 24-26 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando! I’m pretty excited to be amongst some wonderful instructors to teach the latest and greatest in Photoshop and the web. One of the things that i’m -really- psyched for is the pre-con that I am doing with Matt Kloskowski “HDR Crash Course”. There are still 3 seats left, so I figured it was a good time to let you guys know a little bit about what we’ll be doing there:

If you’re headed to Photoshop World, make sure you check out this class!

Stroboscopic Pool Shot
I was really excited about this one!! A couple of months ago my friend Keith Winn came to me with an idea to try to pull off a shot with a Trick pool player named Rob “The Hurricane” Peacock. After several weeks of thought.. planning, 5 1/2 hours of setup I was able to get the effect I was looking for in one shot.

Click here to go to my personal site and read more about the LEAP shot, and see two videos associated with it. A special thanks to Keith Winn and David Rogers for collaborating with me to get this piece.

Contest Alert: Photographers Forum
The Photographers Forum website is running a contest that can net you 2 grand in prize money. The great part about their Spring contest is the that the categories are wide open. If you are an amateur photographer and you have a cool photo, submit it! I’m always encouraging photographers to get out there and post there work – it’s a great way to get noticed!

Click on this link to get The Photographers Forum contest.

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  1. Mark (Reply) on Wednesday March 10, 2010

    Hi RC,
    I don’t know your email address so I’ll put this here and hope that your read it.
    I just wanted to send you a congratulations:
    I just got a view of the new 2010 Westcott catalog, and I saw your wonderful image of your daughter looking at your wife in the ballet stance. Awesome!
    So congrats on the great image and making it into the catalog!
    Keep up the good work!

    Take it easy,
    Mark Roberg

  2. Tom T. (Reply) on Wednesday March 10, 2010

    Hi – I was wondering if you really need the HDR software to make great HDR images. I read a while back that there is a way to do this in photoshop but that others were recommending a plug-in. For those strapped for cash, can you get acceptable HDR from photoshop or is the plug-in really necessary to get much better quality HDR images?

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