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Happy Tuesday everyone! Richard Harrington of RhedPixel sent me a message not too long ago that I just HAD to pass to you guys. You see, he’s finished a book called After Effects for Flash | Flash for After Effects (I have a copy in my office- I sent in a Flash file that’s in use in the book.. Thanks for letting me pitch in!) and he wanted to let you guys take a little peek in it.

There are two links below – both of them take you to ACTUAL chapters of the book. Rather than seeing an excerpt here and an excerpt there, you get to see how the entire chapter is structured (Kudos to Peachpit/Adobe Press here).

This lets you see two things, IMO: 1. You get to see that Rich is the real deal – he really knows his stuff. 2. You get to see the process of working with the two applications. Once you see it, you’ll agree.. and get it! Thanks for the heads up! Click on the links to get to the chapters

After Effects Essentials for Flash Users by Rich Harrington
Flash Essentials for After Effects Users

Update Your HTML Tables to CSS in Dreamweaver
Check out the newest tutorial from Janine Warner: “If you’ve been thinking you should redesign your website with CSS and finally get rid of all those old clunky HTML tables, this column is for you. If you’ve already been through this torturous process, you may still learn a few tricks in this tutorial because HTML tables probably aren’t the only thing that needs to get updated when you bring an old website into the modern world of Web standards.”

Click here to check out the rest of her tutorial

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