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This tutorial covers some of the new scripts pane features. Use third party external classes in Flash CS5.

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  1. Matt (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Wow this guy has clearly never used another IDE before. He is acting like he has never see code completion before and the package adding thing, that’s not new either. There are many better IDEs out there. Take for example, Netbeans, it has all these features, actually gets the code colouring right with external classes, and it’s free! Also, what’s with the non monospaced font? Is that Times New Roman? Tom green shouldn’t do reviews about ActionScript until he has something to compare it to and alot more coding experience.

    • Mvision (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

      Well Matt, I agree completely that netbeans, eclipse,…. other IDE’s are a lot better..
      Note though that a lot of people in the flash commmunity have never used any of those IDE’s… so this simple demo explains things quite clearly for those peoples.

  2. Robin Kanters (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Yeh, that’s what I noticed as well… I must also use a monospaced font like Courier or Monaco, why the f*ck would one want TNR :P .
    Also, I love it that Adobe has now built code completion into Flash, but like you said: a lot of great (free (!)) programs already had that for years (another example: Eclipse).
    I like the tutorial, but it’s… like.. something that should’ve been in Flash for years…

  3. mahdi (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    im irani takyou

  4. Betngandang (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    hohohoho. . .
    mantap. .

  5. Roberto (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Is there any way to “activate” it?
    My flash didn’t show code-hints until I uninstalled CS4. And now is broken again…
    Do I need to put any kind of path to libraries or something like that?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. rahul soni (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    dude, if you are having code hinting, completion , folding etc.
    means your IDE is not a shit. it is not an achievement. I had been using cs3,4 besides eclipse netbeans, vc++ , vb6, s .

    it took 14 years to adobe / macromedia to build a simple thing like one we first saw in 1997 .
    you (abode) are just a loser. and look at how much memory it takes. debugging a script is practically not viable. i always use trace.

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