Tom Green shows how to easily take an effect created in After Effects and bring it over Flash using the XML format.

If you want to follow long with this tutorial, click here to download the files used in this tutorial.

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  1. Jimmy (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    I’m just wondering what the difference is.. BEcause I’ve exported stuff form after effects the normal way.. In fact I followed a tutorial from you about the rain you animated in the picture. Why did that work without the “XLF” ?

  2. Dan (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    “Fomrat?” I’ve been in the digital industry for a few years now & I’ve never heard of this ‘fomrat’ you speak of. Sometimes I type too fast and reverse letters too :P .

  3. Todd Kopriva (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    Thanks, Tom. I just added a comment to the “Working with Flash and After Effects” page of After Effects Help to point to this video tutorial.

    Responding to Jimmy: Exporting the composition as an XFL file can make the individual layers in the composition available for independent animation and manipulation in Flash, unlike the old way that required you to render and export a flattened movie without individual layers exposed to Flash.

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  5. Jimmy (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    Thanks Todd.. Makes sense now :)

  6. johnnyBlaze (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    come on.
    it never was hard to export movies and sequences for flash. this is a redundant feature. i thought this was going to be interesting tut, but was mistaken.

  7. elis lasop (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    I haven’t tried this at home but I hope it will reduce the size of the exported ae file when is published through flash. That is the main pain for me, when I am importing ae files into flash they get “heavier” than a normal flash swf file.

  8. greg (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    how do you do it with audio?

  9. ujjwal agarwal (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    well if does not help me reduce the file size of my swf .. its redundant yeah ..
    easily export a movie or image sequence and import in flash .. why go for all this

  10. Ryan (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    When I try this method, it says that the resulting .xfl file will be too big for flash to open.

    But when change the compression to .flv from .png (which it recommends to do) I get a file that very pixelated. Anyone have this same issue or a solution?

  11. Ryan (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    what are the size limitations of the .xfl?

  12. erez (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    sorry about my english :)
    my problem is that my swf is too big somthing like 3.5 megasame like my fla(from xfl)
    i looking for some tutorial that explain if there is somthing special in publising of fla that comes from xfl

  13. Eric Beaudry (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    Every time I export a comp from after effects as an xfl and try to open it in flash, I get an error that says Flash cannot open the xfl file…I’ve tried everything. What the hell!?

  14. Lisa Jane (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    Hi Tom great video. Super helpful. Just wondering if you knew any information on Arduino’s and to make my aftereffects files I have put into Flash interactive with sensors on my Ardunio board?

    Cheers LJ

  15. Gabriel (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    You just saved my life! This also seems to works with CS5 Flash and After Effects, same steps :) I tried it with FLV instead of PNG sequence and it worked beautifully. Thank you!

  16. MAX AE (Reply) on Wednesday March 25, 2009

    A problem happens when you animate an object starting from outside the work area. Flash doesn’t handle that operation correctly. So once you jump in Flash, your object that was supposed to start outside the box is inside the box and your ”motion” occurs anyway, but starting from inside.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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