Happy Monday everyone. I’m writing from a hotel in Chicago, not far from the airport, finishing up the long travel from Mammoth, CA rounding out the “You Can Do It Too” workshop with Moose Peterson. It was a wonderful time, got some cool shooting done, and recharged the visual batteries.

Terry White and Scott Kelby on location shooting
As I was shooting over the weekend, I immediately thought of a couple of blog posts from Scott Kelby and Terry White that I thought really needed a honorable mention. Scott posted not too long ago a post that talked about the process of shooting Indy races here in Florida. Whether you were interested in Indy racing or not, the post talked about the process of shooting a live event, warts and all. It was candid, informative, and full of behind the scenes knowledge that is sometimes necessary when shooting events.

Click here to read Scott Kelby’s Blog Post in Indy coverage

Terry White just got back from a shoot in AZ, and he also did a big blog post talking about all of the positives and negatives (including some great photography) about his experience. For anyone going to shoot Slots, Monument Valley, or if you are thinking on going on a Photo Expedition, this is a must read to give you some extra things to think about before you head out.

Click here to read Terry White’s blog post concerning his AZ photo trip

Monday Tutorial Goodness
There are a couple of cool tutorials on the Layers website that are totally worth mentioning. Take a look at them below:

Using the Next Style Paragraph Feature in InDesign by Jeff Witchel
Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator by Corey Barker

Contest Time
Before I begin, I want to congratulate George Spanondis for winning this weeks Layers TV contest and Jerry Harper for winning last weeks’ contest. Now, onto this weeks contest!

Go to the Contact page, select the Layers Blog drop-down, then fill in your name, email address and answer to this week’s following question. Remember, the contest will end Thursday 5PM,. and the winner will be announced Friday morning.

The Contest Question: Who is the author of the Think Tank Photo’s Airport Security V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag review on the Layers Magazine website.

The Prize:A copy of Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries!

Well.. I’m off to get ready for the flight… we’ll see you guys back here tomorrow morning!

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  1. Scott (Reply) on Monday April 20, 2009

    Small problem with the scripting tut you had. looks great and a time saver until…………. you save the file and have to close and reopen it later. Then you get extra layers and have to go back and delete them. So kind of a fail on that tutorial. But I still have mad love for the show.

  2. Larry Larsen (Reply) on Monday April 20, 2009

    RC, Please can you tell me why a photo processed in LR, exported to the web and posted in a blog looks too red? See what I mean here:www.lllarsenimages.com.

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