Audio Effects in Premiere Pro CS4

This tutorial covers how to clean up audio using the built-in audio effects in Premiere Pro CS4.

Powering Search with Audio Metadata using Premiere Pro

Metadata can speed up your editing, improve collaboration, or even make your videos more accessible on the Web.

Animate Using KeyFrames in Premiere Pro

Creating and editing animations by adjusting keyframes in Premiere Pro CS4.

Automation Modes: Live Audio Mixing in Premiere Pro

A little-known fact about Premiere Pro is that it contains a live Audio Mixer.

Using the Project Manager in Premiere Pro

The Project Manager inside the new Premiere Pro CS4 will help video editors to save only what they are using in their video project and trim down what they are not using.

Title Templates in Premiere Pro

Use Premiere Pro’s built-in title templates or design your own template to help place titles into your video projects.

Using Clip Markers in Adobe Premiere

In this tutorial, Franklin McMahon talks about clip markers, how to set them, and how to use them when reviewing footage to determine what to use in a final project.

Using Subclips in Premiere Pro

Subclips are smaller parts of the bigger project. Use the Make Subclip command early and save yourself some time when you get to the timeline.

Creating Synthetic Media in Adobe Premiere

Synthetic media are video clips that Premiere generates automatically. They include bars and tone, straight black and color mattes, as well as transparent video clips which all can be very useful in video editing.

Writing Audio with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding voiceover and music to a video project and helpful hints on how to tweak audio in Adobe Premiere.

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