Compositing Images using Channels in Photoshop, Part 1

Composite a city skyline image using alpha channels as masks. In the first part of this two-part tutorial, use the apply image command and blend modes to separate the areas of the image you want to composite.

3D Bump Maps in Photoshop Extended

In this tutorial, Stephen Burns shows how to paint Bump map textures with a Wacom tablet.

3D Object Painting in Photoshop

Download and paint a 3D object using Photoshop.

Spot Color: From Photoshop to InDesign

In this tutorial, Dave takes an image and uses Channels to create a spot color version which he then takes over to InDesign to ready for printing.

Using Adobe Bridge to Create a Mosaic

In this example, we’ll use Bridge to create both a filmstrip of images and a mosaic.

Textured Text Effects in Photoshop

Follow along with Corey as he creates text that appears to be made from this worn texture by using displacement maps, filters, and layer styles.

Diamond Plating Effect using Illustrator and Photoshop

Create this effect starting with a pattern and Illustrator and adding layer effects in Photoshop.

Automate Green-Screen Layouts in Photoshop CS4

Here’s a method to create a Photoshop action to extract your subjects and place them in a new background.

Designing a Layers T-Shirt in Photoshop

Use Photoshop to put artwork onto a tee shirt.

Making Unrealistic Things Look Possible in Photoshop CS4

Here we’ll combine dancers with splashes to create a unique “splash dance.”

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