Perfectly Cropped Mailer in InDesign

Jeff Witchel uses InDesign to lay out a direct mailer with custom crops and folds for a coupon.

InDesign Front and Back Pages Face to Face

Jeff Witchel explains a work around for situations where the front and back page of your document need to bleed across into one another.

Two-Color Printing with InDesign CS4

This tutorial discusses the ins and outs of creating mixed ink swatches in InDesign—a feature that makes two colors look like so much more.

Nested Line Styles in InDesign

Formatting line styles to give your text some graphic enhancement in InDesign.

Tips for Outputting Your InDesign CS4 Work

These tips are aimed at outputting your InDesign work properly no matter what your actual printing process—even if all you do is make a PDF and put it on the Web.

Super Strokes in InDesign

Layers’ Tip of the Day writer Jeff Witchel shares some of his popular InDesign tips concerning the stroke palette.

Using Layers Comps in InDesign

Use CS4 integration to move this postcard design from Photoshop to InDesign.

Designing a Business Card in InDesign

In this tutorial Christy Winter, Associate Designer for Layers Magazine, creates a Business Card in InDesign and shows how using Layers, Libraries and Object Styles can save you time.

Text Wrap and Text Formatting in InDesign

Learning how to format text.

Invitation Design in Adobe InDesign, Part 2

In Part 2, Christy shows how easy it is to transform the Invitation into a Photo Birth Announcement and a Thank You Card for a coordinated set.

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