Illustrator CS5: Shape Builder

No need to use the pathfinder tool anymore to create complex shapes, the shape builder tool makes it one easy click. It even works on text!

Getting Aligned in Adobe Illustrator

Going through the alignment panel options in Illustrator.

Quick Labels and Crop Marks in Adobe Illustrator

Use Illustrator to quickly set up multiple labels and add crop marks for printing.

Re-Create a Logo in Illustrator Based on a Photo

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through one example of how you can re-create a logo in Illustrator based on a photo.

Type on a Path in Adobe Illustrator

Jeff Witchel demonstrates the options available in Illustrator when placing text onto a path.

Custom Art Brush in Illustrator

Take a paper drawing of a stroke. Scan the paper and import the image into Illustrator. Turn that image into a custom brush.

Using the Mesh Tool and 3D Effects in Illustrator

In this tutorial, Corey creates a realistic looking caution street sign.

Diamond Plating Effect using Illustrator and Photoshop

Create this effect starting with a pattern and Illustrator and adding layer effects in Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator Blend Tips

Experimenting with the settings and options for Illustrator’s Blend Tool.

3D PieChart using Adobe Illustrator

Take advantage of Illustrator’s live effects and create a 3D pie chart to represent your data.

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