Flash Audio, Part 2

In the second part of this tutorial, Tom Green discusses the use of Action Script to control audio in Flash.

Flash Audio, Part 1

In the first video of this multi-part tutorial, Tom Green covers the basics of importing and editing audio files using Flash CS4.

Video Filters and Blend Effects in Flash

Using an alpha channel video and combining two video objects into one with blend effects.

Closed-Captioned Video in Flash

With the release of Flash CS3, Adobe has made the process of adding closed-captioning information to video files a whole lot easier.

Adobe Sound Documents

Using Soundbooth to access Resource Central and purchase audio files to use in video projects. Accessing and Editing Adobe Sound documents with Adobe media applications.

Creating Motion in Flash with Bones Tool

Tom Green takes a layered Photoshop document and adds motion to it in Flash using the Bones tool.

Flash CS4 Deco Tool

Having fun experimenting with Flash CS4′s Deco Tool.

Flash to Video

This tutorial starts with a code-driven animation, takes it from Flash, and turns it into a video file that can used with an application like After Effects

Adobe Soundbooth Audio Files with Flash Video

Soundbooth is a useful tool for creating audio for Flash video. Soundbooth’s preset scores can be set to length and easily added to Flash movie projects.

Animate a Flying Bird using Illustrator and Flash, Part 2

In this two-part tutorial, J. Schuh demonstrates how to animate a flying bird using Illustrator and Flash.

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