3D Translation Tool in Flash CS4

Using the new 3D Translation tool in Flash CS4 to move a movie clip along the X,Y, and Z axis.

3D Rotation in Flash CS4

The new Flash CS4 includes 3D tools that allow users to rotate perspective around a movie clip. This tutorial goes over some of the basic controls.

Using the Camera Object in Flash

There is an option in Flash that allows users to capture the data coming from a web cam attached to the computer and broadcast it using Flash.

Creating Gradients in Flash

Creating gradients is an important skill to have when designing in Flash.

Animating Floating Text in Flash

Tom Green demonstrates this floating text technique by cutting the text out of the an image using Fireworks and then animating the text floating using Flash.

New Timeline Animation in Flash CS4

With Flash CS4 now has auto-keyframing, a full-featured motion editor, and—most importantly—the ability to animate each property of an object separately from one another.

Exporting XFL Format from After Effects to Flash

Tom Green shows how to easily take an effect created in After Effects and bring it over Flash using the XML format.

Adobe Flash Video Button

Tom Green’s tutorial demonstrates how to create a video button in Flash and Fireworks.

Taking Music from Adobe Soundbooth to Flash

This tutorial uses Adobe Soundbooth to add music to a Flash movie.

Using the Displacement Filter in Adobe Flash

This tutorial will show you how to bring a still photo to life using the mysterious displacement map filter and some Perlin noise.

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