Integrate Google Maps into Flash CS4

Learn how to integrate Google Maps into your Flash application using just a few lines of code

Aging Video Effect in Flash CS4

This tutorial talks about adding filters and scratchy objects to a flash video to give the movie clip an aged, vintage look.

Bending Flash Video in After Effects

Match your video to the geometry of an object by using a warp effect in After Effects.

Create a Classic 3D effect -Parallax- with Flash CS4

With the release of Flash CS4, we can now play in that elusive third dimension.

Flash Audio Visualization and Masks

Tom Green shows how to use the audio visualization created in part one and apply it to a piece of video as a layer mask.

Flash Audio Visualization

Tom Green breaks down an example and talks about how to manipulate the script of a flash object by experimenting with the code.

Create a Simple Inverse Kinematics Animation with Flash CS4

One of the most anticipated new features of Flash CS4 is the new built-in support for IK animation as well as the ability to control these animations at runtime using ActionScript.

3D Space Project with Adobe Flash CS4

Tom Green wraps up his Flash 3D series with this project which uses all of the functions he has covered in his previous tutorials.

Flash CS4 3D Tools

In this tutorial, Tom Green shows how to use 3D tools in Flash CS4 to create a 3D tour out of a group of static images.

Flash CS4 3D Vanishing Point

Experiment with the vanishing point using Flash CS4′s 3D tools.

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