Create An Old-School MP3 Player in Flash CS4

Learn how to create and publish a simple, old-school MP3 player using Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0.

Working with Text in Flash, Part 2

In the second part of this tutorial, Tom Green gets some text moving using the new Bones tool from Flash CS4.

Build a Simple Countdown Timer in Flash

In this tutorial, you’ll take some Photoshop artwork and build a simple countdown timer in Flash.

Working with Text in Flash, Part 1

Tom Green shows users how to format some creative text and put it into motion using Flash.

Video Preview in Flash

Use a still frame from your flash video as a place holder for the video player on screen. Tom Green goes over the preview feature of the FLV playback component.

Distort with the Envelope Tool in Flash CS4

Distort shapes in Flash using the distort and envelope tools.

Create a Basic Animating Accordion Panel in Flash

In this tutorial, we’ll create a basic animating accordion panel that can be used as the basis for a full Flash website.

Stealth Object in Flash, Part 2

Virtually attach flash video to your project using action script.

Stealth Object in Flash

Learn how to create a stealth video using the FLV playback component.

Reflections in Flash CS4

Learn how to create a reflection of your video clip in Flash CS4.

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