Fireworks CS4 CSS Export

Exporting CSS and images out of Fireworks CS4.

Fireworks CS4 AIR Demo

Look out programmers, using Fireworks CS4 new create AIR package command, designers can how use Fireworks to prototype interactive desktop applications and deliver them directly to the client. Darrell Heath explores some of these new capabilities.

Darrell Heath demos the new and improved color management and color harmony tools in Fireworks CS4, focusing on the new design and performance of the color palette.

For CS4, Adobe has been working hard to integrate Fireworks with the other apps, especially Photoshop. Two of the new areas of compatibility are in layer comps and vector shape support.

Newly-added flex skinning commands in Fireworks CS4 allow quick access to skin design elements so that designers can edit the appearance of skins in their layouts.

Fireworks CS4 has some new and improved layout features to take advantage of. This video covers: display rulers, traditional guides, the new tool tips feature, smart guides, and align panel improvements.

Fireworks CS4 includes some workflow improvements when using the styles panel which will help users improve the management of their style assets.

Keeping the client involved with the design process is very important. Jim Babbage discusses using Fireworks CS4 to export designs to interactive PDFs that can be shared with the client.

Fireworks CS4 Beta for Web Design

If you’re designing websites using Adobe applications, you probably fall into one of two camps: the one that’s already using Fireworks for fast prototypes or the one that soon will be.

Fireworks CS4 allows you to export your comp in a variety of formats, but the newest way to package this comp is the Adobe PDF format. With the Adobe PDF format you can create an interactive page that gives you all of the benefits of interactivity with security, all in a single file.

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