Here’s a great CSS trick for turning a bulleted list into a navigation bar with a simple rollover effect. Using a bulleted list for navigation bars is a well-accepted convention that meets current accessibility standards.

Whatever kind of form you want to create, this tutorial is about helping you choose the right form options, setting the properties correctly, and making those boring form tags look good.

One of the most confusing aspects of working with HTML forms is that they don’t do much until you’ve connected them to a script on your server.

If you’re creating a complex design for the Web, consider using Dreamweaver’s layers—one of the easiest, and most precise ways to create a webpage layout.

This article was inspired by two questions I’ve received many times since Dreamweaver added the layers feature. The questions are: “How come I can center my design when I use tables in Dreamweaver, but I can’t center layers?” and “How come when I combine tables and layers, the alignment of elements sometimes looks terrible?”

Before you start working on any of the pages in your website, it’s important to first define your main website folder in Dreamweaver.

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