Even though Dreamweaver was intended to prevent people from having to hand-code, it provides some pretty powerful features for those of us who prefer to code ourselves. Dreamweaver’s Code view, combined with the File manager, can become a great tool for the people who like to get their hands “dirty.” These are just a few [...]

Whether you’re new to CSS or you’ve been designing with styles for decades, the new CSS layouts built into Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 are a welcome addition to any designer’s arsenal-if you know how to customize them.

You can also use the templates in Dreamweaver to make global changes across many pages at once.

This is a brief introduction to the new Spry features for Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. If you have ever played around with Scriptaculous or jQuery, you might be interested in these simple additions. You can now easily click one of the 12 or so Spry widgets and they are instantly embedded into your page with the [...]

This tutorial will show you how to set paths to media content by passing variables to flash using html, as opposed to “hard coding” paths inside of flash. This allows for slightly more dynamic flash video delivery (especially if used as part of a bigger application), easier and faster updateability, and just less hassle overall.

Dreamweaver’s Behaviors panel makes it possible to create complex interactive features using JavaScript—even if you don’t know JavaScript.

You can use Behaviors in Dreamweaver to create many interactive features; like opening a small browser window when someone clicks on an image. This is a great way to make supplemental information available without closing the page a visitor is already viewing.

Janine Warner shares some tips for extending Dreamweaver’s capabilities by installing new extensions into the program.

One of the best ways to create a site that meets today’s accessibility standards is to design your site completely with div tags and CSS.

With a host of new features, Dreamweaver 8 makes it easier than ever to build accessible tables for data. Using the Accessibility preferences, Dreamweaver 8 prompts designers and developers to provide captions, headers, and summary information as the table is inserted.

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