This is the second part of this After Effects CS4 tutorial. In this concluding video, we finish the static ball by creating the static using the advanced lightning effect.

Rich Harrington demonstrates how to use After Effects CS4′s guides and device central tools to make sure that your video content will display correctly on whatever device your viewers will be using.

Mocha is a cool new piece of software that is included in the After Effects CS4 bundle. It is a planer tracking system that works as an assistant when doing things like creating and adjusting screens.

Rich Harrington explores the new realistic behaviors of light and shadow in After Effects CS4.

After Effects CS4 3D Effects

After opening and then saving a 3ds file in Photoshop Extended, bring it into After Effects CS4 for some 3D animation.

Experiment with the settings of the cartoon effect to give your video a unique look and combine those effects with the Bilateral blur.

Let’s explore how Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects can work together to take advantage of great keying.

With the accessibility of green screen setups these days, it’s easier to get keyable footage than ever before—opening up creative options without set or color restrictions

Falling Snow in Flash CS3

Use CS3 integration to create falling snow over an image of cedar trees.

Type animation is one of the most wonderful functions to play with in After Effects, especially since version 6 introduced actual text character animation control.

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