ReSizer 2 is designed for scaling standard definition source material to high definition, and for high-percentage zooming up to 800% while retaining overall image quality.

However, if you have to change objects across multiple pages or want selected scaling, then this plug-in can save you hours of reformatting time.

PhotoFrame Pro has been a staple in the Plug-Ins folder for many Photoshop users for a long time. The ability to create a frame effect that produced a mood or an attitude could make an image nearly speak.

LinkOptimizer is an InDesign script that processes any “standard” photos down to a set resolution.

Layer Groups adds two simple features to the standard layer options: Layer Groups (aka folders for organizing layers) and the ability to set layers or groups as nonprinting.

Instant HD

Instant HD is an Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro plug-in designed to upscale SD footage to HD quality without a lot of fuss.

AKVIS Enhancer 3 is the latest upgrade of this software, with the main enhancements being a new interface and 16-bit image support. You can independently control the Shadows, Highlights, Level of Detail, and Lightness of an image.

Magma Effects is a clever plug-in for InDesign CS and CS2 that allows a number of Photoshop-like edits to be applied directly in InDesign.

If you like to experiment with designs and effects in Illustrator, you should check out these plug-ins.

Flash plug-in to move 2D objects in 3D space

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