Warp 1.0

Warp’s Corner Pin effect includes secondary controls that allow you to distort the pinned footage so that it’s skewed to match the target layer underneath.

Topaz DeNoise v2.2

Topaz DeNoise is a noise-reduction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.


This easy-to-use Flash component allows you to import and control 3D models in a Flash document.

CopyFlow Gold

Extracting text from an InDesign file can be a pain if your document has lots of text frames, but CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS2 and higher turns the export into a drop-dead simple process.

BatchOutput Server

BatchOutput Server is an extremely useful utility for a busy production facility or advertising agency.

Coloriage V.6.0

Colorizing old photographs has come a long way, and AKVIS has six versions of this software to prove it.

Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited 2009

Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited 2009 is photo-stitching software for producing panoramas and more.

Slideshow Pro

This plugin will create great slide shows with ease. It also has the ability to create slide shows of video clips.

Video Gogh 3

There’s a somewhat steep learning curve; however, there are out-of-the-box features you can use almost instantly.

Permanent Press

If you have a continuous-tone image, Permanent Press can apply many kinds of old-fashioned printing processes.

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