HELP PORTRAIT THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 12! PARTICIPATE! SPECIAL THANK YOU UPDATE: Thank you SOOO much to Adorama Pix for stepping up here! Adorama has graciously offered to donate 15 8×10 to every photographer in Help Portrait to be able to fulfill the mission that has been set out – to give back to those less [...]

Layers’ Tip of the Day writer Jeff Witchel shares some of his popular InDesign tips concerning the stroke palette.

Yeah, I knew that last one would get your attention. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve done two things to keep me busy while on tour. First – I wanted to spend some time working on HDR photography while on the road. I find that giving myself a project and working at it for [...]

Dave and I are in DC: Creative Suite Unleashed Hey everyone. As you are reading this, Dave Cross and I are doing the Creative Suite Unleashed Tour here in Washington DC. The last date of the year for this is December 14 in Atlanta, GA. What I love about this tour is the fact that [...]

by Stephen Burns Give your 3D models more character by editing the model’s UV Maps in Photoshop using textures and blending modes. Click here to watch Part 1 of this series or click here to watch Part 2. Look for Part 4 coming soon!

Use CS4 integration to move this postcard design from Photoshop to InDesign.

Check out this cool Illustrator CS4 tutorial from Corey Barker: “Like most things in design, you can make quite an impact by modifying how people perceive things. In this tutorial, we’re going to create a 3D effect using simple 2D art, demonstrating how effective a little perspective can be. 1 [CREATE NEW RGB DOCUMENT] Choose [...]

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Before I continue, I want to congratulate Neil Payne for winning last weeks Layers Blog contest! The image that you see above is from the bridge of the USS Sterett. While Dave Cross and I were heading out to San Diego to do the CS4 Unleashed tour, we were contacted by [...]

[If you’d like to download the files used in this tutorial to practice these techniques, visit and navigate to the Magazine section. All files are for personal use only.] One of the most useful user interface constructs is the accordion panel. It allows you to stack various sections of your site and then expand [...]

Hey everyone! I am in the middle of a flight to San Diego to teach the Creative Suite Unleashed tour with Dave Cross tomorrow (Make sure you come if youre in the area!)- 35,000 feet up in the air at that. While i’m up here, I figured it’d be a good idea to let you [...]

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