Welcome back everyone to the start of 2010! We have been on a very light schedule taking some very important time off between Christmas and new years, but now we’re back! Now we can get back to the business of getting you guys some awesome tutorials and links for you to check out! Let’s kick [...]

Hey everyone! The office here is bunding up for our extended holidays but before we do, I figured i’d give you a couple of heads up on things to keep you busy: Raffle for a Signature Guitar from Scott Kelby! I think that this is such a great cause, I want to tell everyone about [...]

Check out this really cool tutorial from the inimitable, Dave Cross: Perhaps one of the most satisfying gratifications of designing with Photoshop is the ability to create the impossible—making unrealistic things look possible. Here we’ll combine dancers with splashes to create a unique “splash dance.” 1 [WHITE BACKGROUNDS WORK BEST] Like many techniques in Photoshop, [...]

Use a still frame from your flash video as a place holder for the video player on screen. Tom Green goes over the preview feature of the FLV playback component. Click here to download the files to follow along with this tutorial.

Distort shapes in Flash using the distort and envelope tools.

BACK FROM HELP PORTRAIT Hey everyone, I’m just getting back after a whirlwind weekend and trip to the Creative Suite Unleashed tour that was in Atlanta Georgia. This was the last tour that we are doing for the year, and I have to say I was so happy that it turned out to be Atlanta. [...]

In the fourth and final installment of this series, Stephen Burns uses Photoshop to apply 3D lighting to the model and the photographic background that he has added behind it. Click here to watch Part 1 of this series, click here to watch Part 2, and this link will take you to Part 3.

HELP PORTRAIT THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 12! PARTICIPATE! SPECIAL THANK YOU UPDATE: Thank you SOOO much to Adorama Pix for stepping up here! Adorama has graciously offered to donate 15 8×10 to every photographer in Help Portrait to be able to fulfill the mission that has been set out – to give back to those less [...]

Layers’ Tip of the Day writer Jeff Witchel shares some of his popular InDesign tips concerning the stroke palette.

Yeah, I knew that last one would get your attention. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve done two things to keep me busy while on tour. First – I wanted to spend some time working on HDR photography while on the road. I find that giving myself a project and working at it for [...]

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