Google+ Photographer’s Conference Announced

This first-of-its-kind conference will teach photographers how take full advantage of what’s happening now and what’s to come on Google+

Photoshop CS6 Beta Is Here!

You’ve probably seen some sneak peaks over the last few months, but now it’s official. Photoshop CS6 Beta was just announced. Adobe’s been releasing public betas for a few versions of Photoshop now. It gives people the chance to test it out before it’s ready for prime time. There’s definitely some fantastic new features in [...]

Hands on with the new Wacom Intuos5

Wes Maggio from Wacom will be hosting a special episode of Photoshop User TV with us tomorrow at 4PM EST at . What’s even cooler is that we’re giving away an Intuos5 tablet on the show! Tune in for the details. Tonight, Wacom has taken their tablets into the next level – one that [...]

HP All in One Workstation Announced: Z1

Hey everyone – RC here with some really cool news. I just got word that HP has just announced a new 27” workstation called the HP Z1. A lot of people have come to rely on workstations that pack great power, but a lot of the time it always seems like style has always taken [...]

Happy Holidays From Layers Magazine!

Hey everyone. RC here – wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very happy holidays and share a picture that I recently worked on. We sure appreciate all of you, and we’re always so happy to be able to bring you the best tutorials and reviews of the Adobe Creative Suite. [...]

Adobe Launches Carousel Mobile App

I’m excited to tell you that Adobe has released a new app that solves a problem for consumers wanting to access their image library across machines. The product is called Adobe Carousel and has a combination of iOS app, Mac app to let you synchronize your images wherever you go.

Season Finale of PhotoshopUser TV

The season finale of PhotoshopUser Tv posted this week. Scott Kelby and the rest of the Photoshop Guys are taking a four-week break, but they’ll be back in November with new episodes. In the meantime, visit KelbyTV and check out all of the episodes of PhotoshopUserTV you may have missed, along with all episodes of LayersTV, D-Town TV, The Grid, and much more. And it’s all free!

In Case You Missed It

Kelby Media Group is publishing a lot of great tutorial content in a variety of areas. Here are some of the ones you may have missed.

Wacom Introduces the Cintiq 24HD

RC here with some really cool news from the likes of Wacom. Wacom has just released a brand new Tablet/Monitor- the Cintiq 24HD. A beautiful 24 inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200, 92% of Adobe Gamut, built in stand, and all of the pressure sensitivy and response that Wacom is famous for – this [...]

Will You Switch to Premiere Pro CS5.5 at 50% off?

If you are a video editor and you’ve used Final Cut Pro 7 – this was a very bad week for you. We’d love to hear from you on what you think of the recent change in Final Cut. Today, Adobe made a very big incentive for people to move to Premiere Pro CS5.5 – cutting the price by a massive 50%.

Tell us what you think?

Trial Download of Premiere CS5.5 here

Check out our Premiere Pro Tutorials

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