This tutorial gets you started with importing 3D objects from third-party programs into Photoshop CS4′s 3D layers. Look for Parts 2, 3, and 4 coming soon!

Happy Thursday everyone! Just wanted to pop on in and share what’s new in the intranets: Terry White’s New Iphone App Terry white over at his techblog is usually covering all sorts of technology and letting us know what his favorite apps are for the iphone. He’s taken that love and mixed it with his [...]

Congratulations All Around A big congratulations to Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, and David Duchemin for rocking the top 5 of the top 10 Best Books- Art and Photography on! Joe McNally earns the top spot this year for his Hot Shoe Diaries, with Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Book Vol 3 immediately behind it. Right [...]

(click on the image to see a larger copy on Flickr) Traveling To Kansas City – The Biodegradable Tripod I traveled on Wednesday from St. Louis to Kansas City for the next stop of the CS4 Unleashed tour i’m doing today. As I was in the car, one of my co-workers said “I know you [...]

Learn how to create a stealth video using the FLV playback component. Click here to download the files to follow along with this tutorial.

I’m a big fan of checking out good plugins that are out there for being able to show your information on the web. Digicrafts is one place that I always keep on a short list based on a good track record i’ve had with their components. Thankfully I got an email not too long ago [...]

Check out the latest on Proofing in Acrobat with Taz Tally: Last issue, we covered composite content proofs and color-separated proofs. This issue we’re going to cover soft proofing and color-simulation print proofs. Soft proofing simulates onscreen how your final print will appear, and color-simulation print proofs simulate the appearance of the final print, such [...]

Tom Green covers the basics of using bitmap and vector masks in Fireworks. Click here to download the files to follow along with this tutorial.

Hey everyone. I am en route to teach my CS4 Unleased Tour in St. Louis, MO on Wednesday after hanging out for a couple of days over at PPE in New York (Scott has got a great review of his experience on his blog). Before I go, there are a couple of things I wanted [...]

Before Corey Corey goes into how to use Illustrator for cool border effects, I want to congratulate Ashley Bailey for winning this week’s blog. Way to go!

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