The Dos and Don’ts of Portfolio Presentation

You’ve submitted your portfolio and are waiting for that call back, but you made some critical mistakes that will leave you waiting. Hopefully, we can correct them and help you get that position.

Design Makeover: Community Arts Center

The Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky, serves the artistic community from the surrounding Bluegrass region by providing music and art lessons, exhibiting local and international artwork, and hosting artist receptions and lectures.

Designer Spotlight: Lee Calderon

Shortly after studying architecture, Lee’s passion for Gothic arches and flying buttresses gave way to his undeniable artistic urges and designful nature. It was also about this time that he swapped out his jars of cobalt blue and cadmium red for pixels and vector art.


Ever have one of those times with your spouse or friend where you’d love to have a shot of the two of you but there’s no one around to take the shot, and no place to set the camera for a timed exposure? With a little careful planning, and a few tricks in Photoshop, the problem is solved.

Art of Type: Changing the Rules

In this column, we’ll look at some useful tricks you can perform combining InDesign styles with its controls over paragraph rules and underscores.

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