Taking Aim

It’s important to understand some key rules of photographic composition, but equally important that the final image is what really matters, so don’t hesitate to break the rules if you feel it will improve the photo.

Three Keys to Designing for the Web

This column discusses the important elements of a successful website and a happy website oner/manager.

Instant Inspiration is a new feature where we showcase an established commercial designer and pick their brain in an effort to gain insights on the creative process and inspiration in general. What’s the “method to your madness?” Everything I do begins the old fashioned way with pencil and paper. I like to leave the “dirt” [...]

The Art of Type: Reading Between the Lines

Properly set leading is vital to harmonious page layout and, more importantly, readability.

The Art of Type: Ligatures: Fusion Power

The tiny detail under the lens this issue is the ligature, a single glyph created from the fusion of two or more letterforms.

The Art of Type: A Walk on the Wild Side

This column takes a break from the rules and discusses how to try to simulate a hand-lettered look with an off-the-shelf font.

Negative Space

n this article, we’ll teach you what negative space is, how it works, and what benefits it can add to your own designs along with some examples to help you along the way.

Part of being a digital artist and using Photoshop as an illustration tool is that you sometimes have to skew your perceptions a little—both in the real world and when you’re working inside Photoshop.

As more and more users discover the video capabilities in Photoshop CS3 Extended, I’m increasingly asked for techniques and tutorials that show how to create After Effects-type motion design projects—in Photoshop. I think there are three basic reasons why people want to be able to do this: 1. They’re Photoshop addicts and they want to [...]

For those of you who are thinking about becoming full-time pro shooters, I thought I’d put together a list of must-know photo-pro info.

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