Hollywood Type Tricks

Has your attention ever been captured by a really well-designed movie poster, even if you weren’t interested in the movie?

The Art of Type: Off the Beaten Path

Setting text on curving baselines gets you well beyond how type was designed to be set.

Digital Canvas: Layer Tennis

Presented by Adobe Creative Suite 4, Layer Tennis is a series of online design events where creative pros send files back and forth in real time.

Digital Video Solutions: The Future of Digital Video

Who could have guessed that a third grader with a consumer HD camcorder and iMovie software…

Design Makeover: Design Emergency

Design Makeover is a column at Layers Magazine featuring three designers who makeover product packaging or labels, print advertisements, and magazine covers.

Artistic Expression: Where There’s Light…

Explore how layer styles can help create the effects produced by a light source that interacts with objects in a scene.

The Digital Camera: Don’t Crop My Pictures!

Cropping in-camera and in the digital darkroom is one of the keys to a good image—a good exposure and an interesting subject being among the other key ingredients that make a good photograph.

The Art of Type: Dot Dot Dot

Because with ellipses, language itself intervenes, and you crash up against copyediting style and linguistic logic, as well.

Bring Your Podcast to Life

A video podcast is a TV show that’s delivered via the Internet. Shows are usually targeted to special interest groups and cover niche subject matters.

Protecting What’s Yours

Once your digital photo leaves your computer, it becomes part of the vast growing sea of intellectual property that is the Internet.

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