Hot Tips for the Coolest Applications

Hot tips for the coolest applications

Design Makeover: Handcrafted Website

Design Makeover is a column at Layers Magazine featuring three designers who makeover product packaging or labels, print advertisements, and magazine covers.

10 Tips for a Fast Website

With clients demanding more video, Flash, and interaction from our websites than ever before, how do we fit in all that functionality and have a fast site that users will love? After reading the 10 tips in this article, you’ll know what matters to performance (and what doesn’t!) and be ready to design fast websites.

How’d They Do That?

In a recent issue of Layers magazine, we asked readers to submit their favorite print, Web, and video designs currently in the marketplace. In turn, we promised to track down the original creators and force them to tell us their secrets

The Art of Type: Following the Script

Script faces come in many forms, from formal engraving faces to loose advertising faces to those that attempt to imitate everyday handwriting.

Artistic Expression: Logo Design from Start to Finish

Logo design in today’s world is totally underrated. People don’t understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business.

Going Mobile

How to create a working iPhone app that can be deployed on lower-end devices and be distributed through mobile app stores.

Design Makeover: Play it Again

We bought and listened to the CD, did a heckuva lot of individual and group ideation.

Designer Spotlight: Linda Zacks

Linda Zacks can’t be indexed as one particular artistic species: she’s equal parts design, illustration, paint, poetry, zip, and zoom.

Artistic Expressions: Creating a 3D Coin

The new enhanced 3D capabilities built into Photoshop CS4 bring new features for you to explore that you might not have considered before.

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